Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life – A Transmuting 'Machine'

The Wheel of Life is a transmuting ‘machine’. That is to say, when operating well, it not only transforms one element or state of being into another, but also transmutes those elements into a higher state of being and consciousness. Thus, in symbolic alchemical terms, the earth element transforms into water, water into air, and air into fire. Fire then transmutes into light—a higher state of existence and consciousness.

In the process, as the Wheel turns, it draws to itself the various elements from its environment and spins them into a vortex, bringing them into an order and then a harmony with each other, whilst at the same time doing the work of transformation and transmutation. That is to say, the spinning wheel reaches out beyond itself, acting as a magnet to attract to itself the various elements in the environment that need to be transformed and transmuted, like fleece spun into yarn, or fresh clay added to the potter’s wheel as the pot is built up.

Every chakra is a Wheel of Life and each chakra draws to itself those elements suited to the purpose of that chakra. Every chakra, when awakened and working correctly, spins.

Of all the chakras in a chakra system, the heart chakra is the central and key transmuting machine. It affects and unifies all the other chakras, enabling them to work together in unison as an even greater transmuting machine.

This greater transmuting machine is a chakra in its own right. It is centred on the heart chakra and embraces the whole human body, so it could be called the cosmic chakra of the person. In Cabala it is known as the Merkabah or ‘Chariot’—the means by which we ascend to heaven. It is driven by the natural process of life functioning in an initiatic state.

The natural life process of impulse-desire-thought-action, represented alchemically by earth-water-air-fire, turns the wheel of all the major chakras except the heart and crown chakras, but not sufficiently for transmutation to take place. However, as soon as a dedication or determination to do good is introduced, and the desire or will becomes some form of love as a result, then the initiatic process begins. This initiatic process is one of inspiration-loving-understanding-service. This opens the heart chakra and starts it spinning, which in turn affects the other chakras and turns them into transmuting machines. When genuine aspiration and thanksgiving is added to the revelation that occurs at the end of each initiatic cycle, then the crown chakra also opens and begins to spin. When all seven chakras are spinning, the cosmic chakra comes into manifestation and starts to turn.

This spinning has to be maintained by continuously repeating the initiatic cycle. As it develops and is maintained in its development, so the cosmic chakra and all the other chakras within it become increasingly greater transmuting machines, gradually harmonising the whole person and his/her surroundings, and transmuting them into metaphysical light.

Like the heart chakra, or indeed each chakra that is in transmuting mode, the cosmic chakra is a zodiac. But whereas the zodiac of each major chakra surrounds just that chakra, the zodiac of the cosmic chakra surrounds the person. It appears as a great solar or celestial aura radiating from the person’s heart. It exists in all three dimensions of space, like a sphere of light surrounding the person. The three-dimensional Cosmic Cross is emblematic of this. Images of great souls such as the Buddha and Christ Jesus often depict this solar aura or cosmic chakra, with the halo of the shining Third Eye added to the picture.

Groups of people can also do this in a group way. The key to this is for the group to take part in a ‘Mystery’, each playing their part in a combined work of service that goes through the four stages of the Wheel of Life in an initiatic way. It is as if each person in the group acts as a particular chakra in the group ‘system’. A ceremony, festival celebration or pilgrimage enacted in such a way are three of the more effective ways to achieve this. The effect on the surroundings will, of course, be correspondingly greater than a single individual can achieve.