Peter Dawkins


Peter is a philosopher, seer, geomancer, researcher and teacher, who, after five years as a student at Cambridge University followed by nine years as an architect in England and Scotland, left the practice of architecture in the late 1970s so as to devote himself full-time to researching and teaching the wisdom of the Western wisdom traditions, with an especial focus on the intimate relationship between the human being, the landscape and the spiritual realms.

Peter teaches Zoence, a synthesis of the heart truths of the various wisdom traditions presented in a form that is useful for us today and which shows how all aspects, including time and space, heaven and earth, nature and humanity, are inter-related. Each year he gives various seminars, workshops, summer schools and other special events for the purpose of healing, enhancing and enlightening our lives and that of our planet.

Peter is a pioneer in the rediscovery of landscape temples and a planetary energy system that is an essential part of the etheric body of the earth. He leads geocosmological pilgrimages in key landscapes for the healing and enlightenment of the person and planet. He trains groups to work with landscape temples and their angels.

Peter works within the Mystery tradition and takes those who are ready into the mysteries.

Peter is founder of the Zoence Academy and Mystery School, which he runs in partnership with his wife Sarah. He is the principal of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, and a founder and elder of the Gatekeeper Trust.

Peter has written many books and articles, and has been interviewed internationally on TV and radio. He produces newsletters and special articles for FBRT members.

Peter is a particular specialist in the esotericism of the English Renaissance, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and Shakespeare, as well as more generally in the Western wisdom traditions, mythology, symbolism and mysteries. He gives talks and courses on these subjects, including Wisdom of Shakespeare events.

Peter teaches, runs courses and leads pilgrimages in many countries. Currently he is primarily focused on England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany,  Denmark and Norway. In the past he has also given seminars and workshops or led pilgrimages in Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, India, South Africa, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and the USA.

The Zoence website hosts a programme of events in which Peter is involved each year.