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Zoence is a modern wisdom teaching based on ancient wisdom and concerned especially with the harmonious relationship of humanity with both the spiritual and natural worlds. Zoence Academy and Mystery School is the business partnership of Peter and Sarah Dawkins, which runs a regular programme of events and hosts an informative website.

Peter Dawkins’ pioneering researches, begun in the 1960s, led directly to a developing art and science of ‘landscape temples’ and ‘geomantic pilgrimage’, and their association with the spiritual or archetypal realms of existence and underlying wisdom or laws of life. This ‘geocosmology’, together with a synthesis of the heart truths of the various wisdom traditions, is what has been named ‘Zoence’ - a word coined by Peter and Sarah Dawkins and meaning ‘science of life’ or ‘pathways of the soul’.

The word ‘Zoence’ is registered to Peter Dawkins.

The FBRT specialises in research into Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, the Rosicrucians and the Western Wisdom Tradition, and their involvement with the extraordinary 50-year blossoming of the English Renaissance that, to a large degree, powered the birth of modern science, law, culture and society. The Baconian work, which is involved with knowledge of the landscape as well as history, philosophy, mythology, culture and consciousness, concerns one of the great doorways into the otherwise esoteric Western Wisdom Tradition. Shakespeare, Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians are part of this story. The FBRT shares its research via a programme of talks, seminars, summer schools and wisdom tours, its informative website, and a newsletter plus various articles for FBRT friends. The FBRT is a UK Registered Charitable Trust (# 280616) and has a governing board of trustees. Peter Dawkins is the principal of the Trust.

The Gatekeeper Trust is devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage and the arts, such as sacred song and dance. It seeks to rediscover the ancient art of pilgrimage as a way of journeying with an awareness of and respect for the sacred nature of our environment, and for the wisdom and archetypal patterns that underlie it. It researches both ancient and modern knowledge about the landscape, and shares that knowledge through an annual programme of journeys, workshops, talks and conferences, and an informative website. As well as nationally organised events, the Gatekeeper Trust has several active local groups, and it runs a friendship scheme. Gatekeeper Trust is a UK Registered Educational Charity (# 326416) and has a governing board of trustees. Peter Dawkins was a founder-trustee and is now an elder of the Trust.