Lands End

Lands End, Cornwall Root chakra of the British Isles

Sacred Landscape and Geomancy

Having been an architect as well as a lover of nature, I have always taken an especial interest in our environment and landscape. I soon realised that one cannot be a true architect without having a profound sensitivity to and knowledge of the landscape and world in which we live.

To me, that which is called God, the 'All-Good', is the Universal Being and 'Great Architect' of all that exists. The works of God are, to say the least, worthy of study and the greatest respect. The world, as well as our individual bodies, are the temples in which our souls reside. It is vital to know them well and to keep both as healthy as possible.

Essentially, all form is a pattern or network of energy, including that of our natural world and human body. It is possible to research, discover and learn to work with these energy patterns, and to realise that they are the manifestation, in various degrees, of the three great spiritual Archetypes. Such knowledge can enable us to do the right things in the right places and at the right times, in a harmony that helps both nature and ourselves. With this knowledge we could build a paradise on earth. Certain people in past cultures, worldwide, have known this and practised this knowledge to some extent. Remnants of what they knew and did still survive and can be studied, helping us on to further knowledge and expertise.

I have called the landscapes that manifest these archetypal patterns, ‘landscape temples’. They are all sacred, as indeed is the whole world. There are small landscape temples within larger ones, each relating in beautiful and meaningful ways to each other. Pilgrimage is one way in which these relationships can be enhanced and the network of energy kept healthy and alive. Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time is an integral part of this. With practice, every human being could get good at these things. Thereby we, as a humanity, would cease making a mess of our environment and our psyche. We could, in fact, not only create paradise on earth but also a planetary body of light.

The workshops, pilgrimages, festival celebration, prayer, meditation, healing and geomantic work, that I and others associated with me do, are dedicated to this purpose.