Each year Sarah and I teach, organise and lead a variety of events. These range from simple talks to evening lectures, seminars, workshops, special events, summer schools, retreats, educational tours, pilgrimages and festival celebration. They are presented primarily by Zoence or the FBRT, but sometimes by others.

FBRT events can be found on the FBRT website.

Zoence events plus other associated events can be found on the Zoence website.

The particular focus we have is on developing an understanding not only of ourselves but also of our environment and how each affects the other at the deeper levels of consciousness and existence. In doing so we tap into the wisdom that is embodied in ourselves and the land, learning to work with this wisdom and its spiritual archetypes or intelligencies.

We discover the Shakespearean truth that we are all actors on the stage of the world, with parts to learn and roles to play, and that this play-acting is or can be initiatory, as in the mystery schools of old.

The ultimate goal is to help people find their joy—a joy that is not only repeatable but sustainable and which spreads the light of love everywhere. With this joy, which is based on love, understanding and compassionate action, the world could be redeemed and made into a paradise for all.

Joy is a great healing, uplifting and enlightening power. It is the 'saving grace' of mankind, associated with what is called the 'Saviour' or 'Redeemer'. But there is a science as to how joy is attained and a skill required in attaining it.

Externsteine, N.Germany

Externsteine, N.Germany
Centre of a great landscape zodiac, bordered on the north and east by the river Weiser, which forms the throat chakra of the Swan Line of Europe. Since 1989, a regular sequence of events take place here every year, exploring, getting to know and working in an initiatory way with this powerful teaching landscape temple.

British Isles: The Three Lands
Many events take place within the three lands of the British Isles - Scotland, Ireland and Britain (England and Wales), exploring and working with the landscape zodiacs and their axises and main pilgrimage and mythological routes.

Exploring, pilgrimaging and working with the four great chakra systems of Europe, and the myths of Europa and the Bull, Leda and the Swan, and the Holy Grail, form an important part of our programme of education and service.

British Zodiac
The landscape zodiac of Britain, one of the vitally important chakras of the planet and the original Round Table of Arthurian fame, is a key focus of our educational and initiatic work, in which Shakespeare performs a key role.