Personal page

Personal page

My interest and passion, in terms of my life’s work, lie in three seemingly unrelated areas, but which are in fact intimately related. These three areas are the Wisdom Traditions and Mysteries, Sacred Landscape and Geomancy, and Shakespeare.

This passion includes a powerful sense of the spiritual and angelic realms of life, by which I have always been guided from childhood, an intuitive perception of subtle energies and patterns, a capacity for clairvoyant and visionary experiences, and a devotion to help the world become a planet of harmony and enlightenment.

In this I see my particular role as helping us to discover and understand the vital relationship between ourselves, our landscape and the angelic realm of spiritual archetypes, and the wisdom that underlies and designs these inter-relationships, and to help us take the initiatory steps necessary for improving our perfomance as "players" on the "stage" of the world. A particular purpose in all this is to encourage and assist the building of a Golden Age and the planetary body of light.

I do this through giving lectures, seminars and workshops, writing articles and newsletters, celebrating festivals, conducting mystery schools, and leading pilgrimages in special landscapes and areas of the world. When time permits, I also act as a consultant to individuals, groups and organisations, and write books. I call my particular presentation of these things, ‘Zoence'.

In all this I am helped by my wife Sarah, who is both a partner in marriage and in our work together.