Peter Dawkins is a philosopher, seer and geomancer, who gives teaching and training in the core truths of the Western wisdom traditions, and conducts geocosmological pilgrimages, educational tours and mystery schools in special landscapes of the world.

Second Seeing Shakespeare by Peter Dawkins

Second-Seeing Shakespeare

The book is a Sherlockian investigation, designed to lead the reader on a step-by-step uncovering of clues hiding in plain sight which show that the prima facie evidence suggesting that William Shakspeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the Shakespeare works is not what it seems. Instead, it is a double-truth showing a very different authorship, and the involvement of a philanthropic secret society dedicated to the enlightenment and good of all humanity. It is a great Shakespeare treasure trail, which reveals an esoteric wisdom, secrets kept for centuries and truths with the potential to turn everything around so that a better and more enlightened world might ensue.
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Although I take into consideration the wisdom traditions in most parts of the world, my particular expertise is in the so-called Western Wisdom Tradition. A better name for it might be the Central Wisdom Tradition, from the point of view that it is neither the Eastern Wisdom Tradition nor the native American Wisdom Tradition. It belongs especially to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, wherein lie the landscapes and cultures in which it has developed over millennia of time.
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Having been an architect as well as a lover of nature, I have always taken an especial interest in our environment and landscape. I soon realised that one cannot be a true architect without having a profound sensitivity to and knowledge of the landscape and world in which we live.

To me, that which is called God, the 'All-Good', is the Universal Being and 'Great Architect' of all that exists. The works of God are, to say the least, worthy of study and the greatest respect. The world, as well as our individual bodies, are the temples in which our souls reside. It is vital to know them well and to keep both as healthy as possible.
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Over the years it has become abundantly clear to me that Shakespeare is not just Shakespeare. That is to say, the plays, poems and sonnets that comprise the Shakespeare canon are far more than what they seem at first. They contain, for instance, an encyclopaedic wisdom and knowledge. They comprise a cornucopia of the wisdom traditions, brought together in a poetic synthesis and magical art. Even the story behind the life of the author Shakespeare has more to it than meets the eye, involving the participation of the Society of the Rosy Cross led by their great initiate and chief, Francis Bacon, whom Paracelsus foretold as 'Elias the Artist'. I call this the Shakespeare Enigma.
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