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Wisdom of Shakespeare Series

by Peter Dawkins

The wisdom in most of the Shakespeare plays is profound and based on the Renaissance wisdom traditions of Cabala, Alchemy, Neoplatonism and Christianity. Each play is a 'mystery'—a name given to the dramas of the Orphic Mystery schools, through the experience of which the suitably prepared person would become the mystes or mystic, perceiving the inner truths and operations of life in preparation for becoming the epopt or seer, the full initiate. In this way wisdom is taught by means of entertainment, stimulating the mind, stirring the emotions and showing the way.

The Wisdom of Shakespeare in
The Tempest
An introduction to the meaning of Prospero’s magic, the nature of Ariel his spirit, the roles of the characters as aspects of the human psyche, and the alchemical and cosmological rhythms of the play.

ISBN: 0953289036

The Wisdom of Shakespeare in
As You Like It
Discover Shakespeare’s magic in the play—his presentation of truths about the human soul, the heroic journeys of initiation undertaken by human beings for love, and the real world of the magician.

ISBN: 095328901X



The Wisdom of Shakespeare in
Twelfth Night
A thought-provoking book showing not only how the play is based on profound understanding of the biblical Genesis and Revelation but also of the mystery path of initiation that lies between.

ISBN: 0953289044

The Wisdom of Shakespeare in
Julius Caesar
Discover the hidden worlds of Freemasonry, Neoplatonism and Christianity concealed in this play, as well as a study in how words move people and how passions are aroused and tamed.

ISBN: 0953289028

The Wisdom of Shakespeare in
The Merchant of Venice
A powerful insight into the mysteries of love, initiation and the great polarities of life, and some of the greatest teachings of Jesus Christ, Moses and Hermes Trismegistus upon which this play is based.

ISBN: 0953289001

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