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by Peter Dawkins


Zoence Series

Zoence–Science of Life: An Introduction to the Basic Principles and Practice of Zoence

Zoence—the Science of Life: Discovering the Sacred Spaces of Your Life

Wisdom of Shakespeare Series

Wisdom of Shakespeare in
* The Merchant of Venice
* As You Like It

* Julius Caesar
* The Tempest
* Twelfth Night


The Master Series

The Shakespeare Enigma

Building Paradise

Francis Bacon, Herald of the New Age


Zoence Series
Zoence, Science of Life provides a written introduction to Zoence.. It covers creation, cosmology, chakras, the wheel of life, time cycles, the zodiac, the process of life, initiation, sacred space, sacred architecture and landscape temples. Published in two separate editions, UK (original) and USA (enlarged).

An expanded and more indepth version, Core Truths, is also available (see below).

Wisdom of Shakespeare Series
Each book of this series analyses a Shakespeare play, to discover and show the wisdom on which it is based. Each play is a mystery dealing with the processes of human life and the laws of life that govern them. The comedies show the process of initiation. The tragedies portray the process of disintegration and hurt that occurs when love is replaced by hate, anger, greed, selfishness and jealousy. The histories, taken as a whole, comprise a great Homer-style epic that portrays the semi-real, semi-imaginary evolutionary life of a nation complete with its hero-initiates and double-dealing tyrants.


The Master Series
A series dedicated to the idea and reality of a higher or divine intelligence that can inspire and work through the lives of gifted men and women, some of whom have reached an advanced level of initiation and illumination. In the higher ranks of these are the ones the world calls 'Masters'. I have focused on one particular master soul, who is one of the truly great Masters of humanity, who had a major incarnation as Francis Bacon. Foretold by Paracelsus as 'Elias the Artist', Francis inaugurated a great work for humanity that has been preparing the way for the world to enter a golden age of illumination—a period that the Mayans call the Fifth World of Humanity.


Core Truths
A synthesis of the core truths of the Wisdom traditions and modern discoveries, revealing how the Three Great Archetypes—the Wheel of Life, Chakra System and Tree of Life—underlie the human being and all of nature, governing our very existence. The book includes sections on sacred architecture, townscape, landscape, time cycles, festivals, creation, evolution and initiation.





Core Truths


Core Truths
Living Wisdom for Today
available as an e-book

German version:
Wahrheiten aus dem Urgrund ewiger Freude
Published by:
Sheema Median Verlag
Available from;